Aug 27, 2007


I finally moved to Fontainebleau yesterday, and our brand new, renovated-to-the-highest-standards house is already literally falling apart at the seams. None of us can shower without turning the hallway into Bangladesh during the monsoon season, and the glass partition in the shower just shattered into a million pieces, all but lacerating one of our housemates. And that's on top of the construction grime that is still covering every possible surface, the broken oven and a million other "details" that are still at the "almost sorted" stage.

Then there's school. 400 eager, smiley faces with 400 names attached to them. I'm already struggling to remember the names of my housemates. I think from now on I'm just going to call everyone Bob. If classmates wasn't overload enough, there's also endless forms to fill out, dozens of identical-looking halls to navigate in order to find lockers, the cafe, the amphis, the library, and whatever "booth" the IT-tech guys, social security salesmen and geeky blue badge providers are holed up in. The small suitcase-size pack of "reading materials" is a health and safety hazard in itself, and clearly the direct cause of native forest depletion.

So to all this I say "non." No, I will not go to another party to bond with people I'm clearly supposed to recognise but don't. No, I will not study for my third language test. No, I will not start reading through the material so I can be "on top of things" when classes start. No, I will not google search the members of my study group to see which one I can copy the financial accounting notes from.

Instead, I will do the unthinkable at INSEAD. I'm going to bed. Before 2 a.m. So sue me.

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Dominique said...

Hi I,

Thanks for your frankness, it's really refreshing to read your story knowing that I will be attending next Jan.

Bonne chance pour la suite. Je suis un lecteur assidu de ton blog! A bientot, on se croisera surement a Fonty, tu pourras m'appeler Bob! Drop moi un email ( s'il y a des drinks ce weeekend comme sje serai de passage a Fonty pr booker housing etc.