Sep 2, 2007

Plot the demand curve for sleep at INSEAD...

Phew, welcome week is finally over; it's all downhill from here.

The latter half of welcome week focused on getting to know our study group partners, and getting a taste of class methodology. INSEAD tradition is to put groups together in such a way as to ensure maximum conflict. From what I hear, this is the case with some of the groups but fortunately (and I realise I may be jinxing things here), I've been very lucky with mine. After several hours working on our first case presentation, many more hours trekking through the forest and some rather embarrassing dancing at the end-of-week party, we still all really like each other.

As far as classes are concerned, despite some reservations as to teaching style, I'm relatively happy overall. But I have a feeling the proverbial shit will hit the fan tomorrow, when "real" classes start. First up: Prices & Markets (micro-econ) and Uncertainty, Data & Judgment (statistics). Will let you know how that goes (methinks I should learn to use that damn financial calculator).

Of course, no INSEAD week is complete without a massive party at some insane location, so Saturday night (and Sunday morning) saw us headed to Chateau Le Vaux le Penil for the welcome bash. Now, this is where my position as class blogger becomes a bit tricky; I'm happy for people to know who I am, but have my newfound friends authorised me to disclose written and pictorial evidence of their doings on this public forum? Perhaps there is a theory of implied consent I could rely on here? (where are law school interns with westlaw access when you need them...)

Afraid to jeopardise my new connections so early on in the year, I will have to satisfy myself with only a couple anonymous pictures... I didn't actually take these myself, so credit goes to those photographers who unknowingly let me steal their pics off Facebook.

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Anonymous said...


Here I assume that you are dissatisfied with the current situation because you would like to have conflict in your group and learn something in the process. Don't loose hope.

As for the conflict I would wait a little more. Right now your group is going through what I would call a "honeymoon period". Some people are still acting and trying to be cool and nice, but add a little pressure, tight deadlines, long hours and you will see the cracks.

First will be the choosing a group leader. I would bet there will be more than one person going for the position and the "politics" will kick in.

If you want to have a lot of trouble with your group don't suggest making any ground rules at the beginning. Without ground rules what usually happens, you have some people that will be left out, not feel comfortable, dominated by the more vocal and will agree with the rest even though they think otherwise. This will result in a more serious crisis later on.

OK, I will stop here before I earn a title of the chief coach psychologist ;-)

I myself look forward to working with other at INSEAD but don't know whether I want to learn about team work the hard way or save some time and smooth things out.