Apr 26, 2008

What we need now is a Statistician

Those of you who have had the privilege of sitting in P1 UDJ will recognize the post title from that cinematic wonder of wonders... "The Statistician". Ah, memory lane. Or, more appropriately given the break-neck speed of everything that is INSEAD, memory 6-lane highway.

Now that P4 is over, and we're on our last break before the final stretch, it has come time for reminiscence, reflection and taking stock. So here are a few stats from my year so far at INSEAD.

Total number of courses taken (including upcoming P5): 25

Approximate number of hours spent in classroom: 352

Total number of companies applied to/contacted for jobs: close to 20

Total number of companies that agreed to interview me (including upcoming): 6

Offers received so far: 1 (phew!)

Places travelled to for fun with other INSEAD-ers (including already-scheduled upcoming trips): Champagne, Marrakech, Italy, Switzerland, Barcelona (twice), Amsterdam, Marseille

Places travelled to for much less fun interviews (including upcoming): Cardiff, Paris (I'm in Fontainebleau, Paris counts), Amsterdam, Baden (in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland)

Outfits worn to INSEAD parties: toga, schoolgirl, Tarantino movie character, "greed", favourite movie character, hooker, eighties, others that I have chosen to forget...

Number of cigarettes smoked: too many

Units of alcohol ingested: way too many

Number of times I've complained about INSEAD when really I was having a blast and should have counted my lucky stars: no comment.

So now there's two months to go. Two months with a few more interviews, a very light class load (in theory!), a very close friend's wedding, lots of weekend trips and many, many parties. Before we all end up crying on each others' shoulders, making plans for the next reunion, swearing eternal devotion and saying with a sob that yes, this was the best year of our lives.

But enough of this maudlin sentimentality, there's still a whole P to gear up for and first up, a week's worth of interviews and celebrating royalty in Amsterdam!

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Anonymous said...

Isa Isa! don't think I've forgotten you - you're my current favourite lunchtime treat, and I'm crossing fingers lots for your job hunt. Not that you need it, but I hear there's a slot for a hot-shot legal/consulting/bra-selling/multilingual babe at Amoralia. Bisous,
Juju x