May 25, 2008


I've been asked many times about why I choose to have a blog, why I would want to reveal myself to people who don't know me and have no reason to like me. Privacy has typically been categorized as a desirable thing, but is that still true in this age of Facebook and reality television (that being said, I have more than one friend who refuses to bow to Facebook pressure and who's private life thus remains strictly private)?
When asked about my motivations for blogging, I typically respond by saying that my purpose is educational only, and that my blog serves merely as a source of free information for prospective INSEAD students who are entitled to know more about the business school they might attend than what is printed in marketing material. But you and I both know that's only partly true. Some of my posts have nothing to do with INSEAD, and others reveal information that is unnecessary and trivial to a candidate's decision to attend this fine institution.
So why do I do it? Why this compulsive need to share (some of) my life with complete strangers? It can't just be the therapeutic act of writing, because good old paper-and-pen-lock-it-with-a-key diaries would do just as well. It can't just be to communicate with my friends scattered around the globe, because there's always free calls on skype to satsify that need.
So maybe I'm an over-sharer, compulsively addicted to rush that comes from reaching out and exposing a small window of vulnerability. Who knows. In any event, though I would argue I'm still very much "to the left of the plate", this article by blogger Emily Gould does raise some interesting questions.
In other news, this time directly related to INSEAD, a heartfelt congratulations goes out to the Summer Ball organising committee for putting on an extraordinary event last night. A veritable feast for the eyes and heart, this party contained more than its share of the "wow factor". Imagine this: the Fontainebleau chateau colourfully illuminated, fireworks, live bands, champagne on tap, a manic bongo-and-trumpet playing genius and hundreds of INSEADers, past and present, in tuxes and ball gowns. Simply magic. I promise to put up some pictures in my next post.
Til then, I wish you well, my anonymous and not-so-anonymous friends.

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Makis said...

You can call it oveshare..... or willingness and hidden ambition to write and actually have a readership..... or desire to give something back to the Internet community.... or a nice and effective way to test your way of thinking because your secret diary won't give you feedback.....