Jun 8, 2010

Number 2

Let's take a break from the whinging and wailing, shall we, and enjoy instead the fact that Paris is wonderful.  And that in only ten short days, I will be moving back, to my own place, with my own set of keys, my own fridge, my own TV and comfy sofa, bref, my own chez moi.

Now you're thinking: "but where will Res go?"  Being loyal blog readers (thank you, by the way), you remember how much I loved my neighbourhood, the gays, the Pompidou, Diana the dog.  Well, do not fret, gentle souls, because I'm not moving far!

Only a few block over, actually, but into a brand new arrondissement.  I will now be a proud citizen of the second arrondissement of Paris.  Sadly (or happily, depending on how much you like having tourists taking pictures of your house on Sunday morning when you've just woken up and you're opening the window in that stretched-out T-shirt you use as pajamas), this is a mightily overlooked little corner of the world.  In fact, I'm betting you don't know much about it.

There are two ways we can solve that, though.  One, you can keep reading Res Ipsa's Paris for more info on local spots (I promise, once I move back, I will get much better at updating).  Two (and these are not mutually exclusive), you can read this great post from Hidden Kitchen blogger and chef Braden Perkins.  And then, come visit!

Wait until I've unpacked the boxes, though.


paris (im)perfect said...

I demand an awesome housewarming party soon. Once you've unpacked, of course (though boxes can actually be used effectively as seats, too).

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Good luck with the move! I hope for a speedy settling-process. :) You're going to be near the Bourse, then! I like that area. The big BNF is there and the shopping passage off Rue Vivianne. Nice. Seems like a pretty quiet neighborhood, too. I hope everything goes well.