Mar 12, 2011


The temperature has finally edged above 5°C and the city's gone mad.

All over town the restaurants and bars have dragged chairs and tables out onto the sidewalk.  They've thrown some sheepskin on them and, lo and behold, made a killing.  Apparently, all you need in Switzerland is a good sheepskin and you might as well be in Jamaica.

Even more surprising, along the lake the boat and bath houses have opened.  Loungers are set up by the water, and I actually spotted a group of crazies pulling on diving gear.

People.  We're still in the single digits here.  Is this all entirely reasonable?

Then again, the heatwave mass hysteria is rather contagious.  I pulled on the sportswear this morning (sans hat, scarf, gloves, fleece or anything - just the bright pink top courtesy of HH) and ran for an hour along the lake.  Then I had a sit-down in the sunshine on my balcony with some ice tea.


I think I might start liking Switzerland in springtime!

1 comment:

Franck said...

You really like La Suisse?
Do you suffer of a nerve disease?Is the beat of the Swiss life not too largo largetto?
Some bergers allemands (the dog brand, not some German shepperds) committed suicide tuesday in the evening just to escape from this life in slow motion.
You must be cool as an iceberg at least.
The step back of the writers before the real life I presume.
I have a memory of deafening absolute silence in the Swiss country.
I should say "enjoy" but I deeply think "hold fast" lost blogger.