Mar 11, 2012

Jet lag

I know, I know, I'm slipping again. Two weeks without a post. Which means I made it barely two months before breaking my unwritten new year's resolution to write once a week.

My bad.

In my defense, there's a lot going on in my life. Lots of things I can't blog about (which is absolutely infuriating, by the way - you guys are my sounding board, my keyboard my confessional, not being able to talk about what really matters is driving me crazy. Hopefully there will be some sort of resolution soon, which means I will be able to spill my guts with typical exhibitionist glee in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully.)

The other thing going on that I can talk about is the traveling. It's funny how traveling comes in waves. I can go months without ever leaving the 1-mile radius where I live and work in Switzerland - and now I hardly have time to do laundry and reload the suitcase between trips.

It started last week with Boston and Chicago. Despite the work aspect of things, so wonderful to get my US fix. I celebrated by talking to everyone who crossed my path, being overly enthusiastic about how great I was doing each time someone asked, eating too much egg-white omelet and binging on NCIS marathons.

Tomorrow, I head to Moscow. I am expecting far less friendliness. And very cold temperatures. But if I'm lucky I will find a way to make it out of the suburbian Holiday Inn nightmare where we'll be based and snap a kodak moment at the Red Square to delight you with next weekend.

Before I run off to London, Glasgow, London again and then... Bali. Ahhhhh.

But more about Bali later.

Time to pack the suitcase now. I suppose I better unpack it first.

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