Jul 1, 2009

Grand Place

One of the bizarre things about this job is sometimes you come to, give your eyes a good rub, and realize you're in a completely different city than you thought you were supposed to be in.

Today, that city is Brussels.

This morning, I once again got a 7am Eurostar, this time from London to the land of the Manneken Pis for a meeting. One meeting. One day. Return to the UK scheduled in time to hit a birthday party in the evening.

But over lunch, somewhere in between my leak soup and the overcooked spaghetti, plans changed and it was decided we would stay overnight. So here I am. Spending the night in Brussels before another big client meeting tomorrow. And having packed.... absolutely nothing. (Think about that one for a while... There you go... Not ideal.)

On a positive (and rather ironic) note, though, this hotel wins the prize for nicest hotel I have stayed in in the past five weeks (out of five). A particularly big hit with me are the Magritte prints in the bedroom and the Tintin figurines in the bathroom. Two Siskel and Ebert thumbs up for the Amigo.


The ANALyst said...

I know the feeling. Happened to me while on a project in South East Asia. Had to do a day trip to Bangkok, which turned into an overnighter. Had an interesting time trying to send my clothes to dryclean. Had to hang the clothes outside my door and then yell to the bell boy from behind closed doors. He must have thought I was insane.

Consultant Insider said...

I have spent many a morning watching a shirt go round and round in a dryer, desperately hoping I am not going to be late for the Friday meeting I only got told about on Thursday night. I can never quite manage to pack that extra set of clothes.