Sep 28, 2009

Te adhibe in consilium

When you're in the throes of your second mid-life crisis (or the continuation of the first, depending on how you look at it) there is one thing you can be certain of: you will get lots of advice.

Like this.

Dad: Don't quit your job. Wait, you already quit your job? Then hurry up and get another job.

Mom: Get married. Have kids. Drive safely. Stop buying so many shoes.

Best friend no.1: Always date more than one boy at once. Start your own company. Then hire me.

Best friend no.2: Write poetry. Open an inn. Give me your shoes.

Best friend no.3: Write a screenplay. Move to California. Become a blonde.

Most recent date: Sort yourself out. You're a mess.

... you don't say...


TorpeDiscipulo said...

I gather none of these people are consultants? where's the issue tree? what are the potential levels? Have we looked at available frameworks? I'm putting an R&I request right now with practice experts...

Houston Hottie said...

Hey! I never said "hire me"--I believe it was more like "then make me a partner." Get it straight, Res. ;-)