Mar 23, 2010

The Grumps

This week, The Duchess is bitchy and I am grumpy. And no, that doesn't mean we've synchronized our cycles...

I'm not grumpy for any particular important reason. Like world famine, say, or high abstention rates at local elections, or because the Japanese like to eat whales.

No, I'm grumpy for the little things.
  • For the fact that the "friend of a friend" literary agent has still not read my manuscript;
  • That a very expensive "network" (that's four degrees' worth) doesn't like responding to emails;
  • That I am either over-qualified or unqualified but never just right (damn Goldilocks recruiters);
  • That Alina's love life is better than mine, and I MADE HER UP (ungrateful bitch);
  • That I lost my premium status on Air France;
  • That the kilos haven't gotten the memo that it's bikini weather soon and they should take a hike;
  • That I haven't been able to walk without a knee brace since the half marathon and I'm getting seriously antsy;
  • That all my friends are spread around the globe and I would very much like to have them all HERE;

And for a bunch of other reasons I'm sure will come back to me.

So there. Call back later.


Anonymous said...

Well done, you have just made a person whom you have never met in your life smile! It is great to know that I am not the only person currently extremely grumpy!! You know that nothing in the world is actually forcing you to give Alina a great love life so why not spice her life up a bit… it might just make you feel a whole lot better..Nothing better that to mess up another person life without harming any actual human !! …could she maybe accidentally kill the poor man…now that would make a great drama and your book might turn into a trilogy!

Unemployed SuperMom said...

I second that last one although I've been having loads of fun getting to know you!

res i(p)sa said...

Apologies Supermom (and Montmartoise, and all the fabulous friends I have in this city).
I'm not grumpy when I'm with you!!!

@Anonymous, I like the way you're thinking...

HH said...

Nothing makes me feel better than a good, old-fashioned rant. Kudos, my friend! And, you'll see me soon!

the Duchess said...

Oh my God you crack me up! Yes, so grumpy. Monday was worse! And then to top it off I had to walk home after work because my street was shut down due to a Police Chase with some LA Crack head that ended in a shooting. What?! Where do I live. I will write a post about it later for everyone to laugh out. Yes, this is my life. What the hell?

The reason Alina has a better life is because you did, in fact, make her up! It's like Sunday morning I went to brunch with a group of my absolutely most fabulous gay friends and they were all telling me (over mimosas of course) how 'Carrie Bradshaw' my life is. HA!! Carrie Bradshaw is fake people!

This little Duchess shops for shoes at H&M - not Choo or Blahnik! And that's WITH a full time regular job. The writing pays the bills alright, the wifi bill maybe! ;-)

Oh Res, you're wonderful! And don't worry, I:
a) no longer run thanks to how F-ed up my knee got after my marathon in 2007 (but no brace - yay!)

b) am always in the 'over' or 'under' qualified category - I think that's just God or the Universe FORCING us to not settle and keep writing. Living the dream, not the easy path.

c) The 'Jill' of my 'Jill Came Tumbling After' Fiction always has a better and more in-demand love life than I do

d) My friend of a friend agent took 10 weeks to read and return my manuscript (which she passed on btw) and have been rejected by nearly 30 lit agents to date . . . it's a slow ass, crap process - but stick with it!!!

e) I think you're wonderful!!!