Mar 10, 2010

Faire le ménage

There are so many times when I point you to completely inane stories that have very little instrinsic value other than my own (occasionally) cruel amusement, I decided that this evening I would share with you a little piece of news about something important.

A female folk band.

From Brooklyn.

Who have the most fabulous lyrics you will ever come across.

Oh, and yes, I may be slightly biased (but no less correct) because one of the girls is a very good friend of mine.

Still. You could do far worse than to spend an hour or two listening to Ménage à Twang. Enjoy.

(Note: the video for "Listen sister, don't date a hipster" was previously posted here.)

1 comment:

Lunch in Paris said...

Thanks so much for coming to reading last night. Great to meet you. I just sent this link to my best friend in LA - she has a hipster fetish which is leading her big fat nowhere...looking forward to following your news. EB x