May 4, 2010


The UK goes a-polling in two days. Now, I'm not British, I don't even live there anymore (and I am not currently dating an Englishman, which is unlike me) but like in 1997 (when I was a young London student), I'm finding this year's vintage particularly interesting.

Never mind that elections anywhere during this time of crisis/upheaval/turmoil (choose your favourite headline word) should be watched closely.

So I'm interested. Which doesn't mean I have anything intelligent to say about Thursday's elections. But you know who does? Stephen (Fry, not King). Right here. A long, but powerful and personal analysis of the options available. And a reminder, for those who need it - and many do - of what democracy is and why it's a very good thing indeed.

Now go read. And if you're British, go vote. I'll be swinging by on Thursday to see how you did.

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