May 13, 2010

Past Hurdle One

I'm done. Done with chapter 25. Done with the epilogue. Done.

The first draft of my novel, the one I started way back when at the end of October, is finally complete.

I can't write more as I feel completely spent and am now going to crawl under the duvet with a cup of rooibos vanilla, but I did want to let you know, you who have been with me every painful step of the way.

Now on to Hurdle Two. The rewrite.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

"All writing is rewriting."

Houston said...

Congratulations, Res! I'm very proud of you! I just finished The Book Thief and The Tipping Point over the weekend, so bring on the proofread! Hugs (big 'uns and li'l uns).