Jul 14, 2010

Ten Answers

Fellow Parisian blogger Karin did a "ten questions" post a few weeks ago, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to a) answer her and b) let you find out a bit more about me (like you really wanted to know more after reading the "About Me" section, pfff...)

So here goes (note: these are Karin's questions, if you want me to answer yours, send a query and I may or may not get back to you).

1. What is happiness for you?

Friends.  All my friends.  In one place.

2. What is your favorite memory of childhood?

This is a tricky one, I had a great childhood, jam packed with lots of good memories.  I have some pretty great memories of Elementary School, actually, which probably explains why I'm such a nerd.  Also of sand competitions on the beach, pool parties in the back yard, hanging out with our local librarian, Mrs Mac (again, nerd), roaming the neighbourhood with my friends on our bikes.  Being a kid in a rich, leafy American suburbs is nice.

3. Do you like the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert? Why or why not? 

I did like the book, but not so much for how it was written or what was in it, but mostly because I thought - heck! spending a year in Italy, India and Bali? I could do that!  Plus, I'm a big fan of eating (especially Italian food) and loving (not so much Italian men, but I can be swayed).  Don't know if the praying part is for me, but I'll try anything once.

4. What do you think is the worst social problem facing the country in which you are living now?

Well, France is an expert in social problems.  Top of the list is our inability to do anything about it because of ingrained and irrational resistance to change.

5. If you like pizza, what are your favorite toppings? If you don’t like it, why the heck not?

I love pizza!  Pepperoni all the way. And mushrooms.  But mostly pepperoni.  I'm hungry.

6.  What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

Christmas.  Because my mom is German and she bakes fantastic cookies.  And I love decorating Christmas trees.  And buying presents for people I care about.  And foie gras.  And champagne.  Seriously, what's not to like about Christmas?

7. Who is the most annoying celebrity? Why?

So many to choose from!  Off the top of my head, Tom Cruise, Lindsey Lohan, anyone who became a celebrity simply for being on a reality TV show.  For all the obvious reasons.

8. Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?

Honestly (and this is twisting my guts to say this), I vote for attractive.  Statistics show that attractive people have an easier time in life, getting hired, making friends, finding a spouse, negotiating a raise, etc.  And sometimes thinking too much can get you depressed - better to look gorgeous in a bikini and not spend too much time in metaphysical contemplation.

9.  City or countryside? ‘Splain.

City.  Hands down.  Better cocktails.  Better shoes.

10.  What do you really think about memes like these?

I say 'why not!'  Let's be frivolous and fun once in a while (or in my case, always!)

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Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Thank you so much for doing this! I really enjoyed reading your answers and knowing a little more about you in the process. :)

I thought the answer to #4 was funny (and very true), and I am very much with you on the HoHan being Most Annoying Celebrity.

And number 8 was insightful -- I have read all of those statistics, too, even though I wish it were not so that attractiveness trumps intelligence in most life situations. Maybe best to have a little of both, eh?

Thanks for letting me know you'd posted this. :)