Jul 15, 2010

Tongue in cheek

Five downsides to being on vacation when an unemployed writer:

1.  People say things like: "But aren't you always on vacation?"

2.  You spend most of your time searching for jobs, applying for jobs, speaking to recruiters, getting rejected, etc. rather than sitting by the pool.

3.  If you are sitting by the pool, you're probably working on your novel and feeling bad about yourself.

4.  If you are not working on your job search, or working on your novel, people wonder whether you shouldn't be, and whether perhaps the reason you're unpublished and unemployed is because you spend so much time on vacation.

5.  You start counting the days until you can go home and finally relax.


HH said...

When you're done counting can I come and visit your new place? And brunch with Houston Hottie soon? I'm all translated out so free to wander around.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Number 5 made me chuckle the most! *sigh*

Yeah, I always hate that inevitable question (about which this post reminds me), "So what do you do here in Paris?" and I stumble around the answer. Blog? Do laundry? Realize that as a writer wannabe I am not spending enough time on the craft?


Happy vacation, Res. Really. Even unemployed writers need them. :)