Aug 16, 2010

In brief

Almost 48 hours since I finished the book.  The giddy feeling I was expecting still hasn't hit.  Instead I've felt listless, unsatisfied, and mostly waiting around for other people to make me feel good about myself - that hasn't worked either.

I thought maybe part of the problem is that my pet project, the one that's kept me up at night for the past year, is now gone.  I'm not writing anymore.  Truth be told, I haven't been properly "writing" for months now, as "re-writing" is more akin to dicing onions with blunt kiddy scissors than literary bliss (and don't ask me where that analogy came from).

To remedy this problem on this grey, rainy Monday in August (yes, I realize the weather may also be responsible for my doldrums), I decided to attempt the first draft of my synopsis.  The synopsis I will be required to send out to agents to convince them to read my manuscript which will then hopefully have them convinced to sign me so that they, in turn, can convince a publisher to turn the whole thing into a nice little paperback with a pretty cover that I can show my grandkids one day.

Anyhoo (geesh, does it always take me this long to get to the point?), once I'd plowed through the 450 word summary of my novel, I read back over it and thought, "Wow - that books sounds pretty decent!  Where is THAT book?"

Which is when I'd realized I'd done it.  I'd consulting-ized my book.  I'd taken a rather bland, completely unoriginal idea and made it sound ground-breaking.  It couldn't have been more obvious if I'd used slides to do it with.


But who knows, maybe it'll work?

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The ANALyst said...

When do we get to see your book? Do we get a sneak preview!

I am waiting!!!