Sep 24, 2010

All For One

You'll probably recall that, when I was going through the first rewrite, I handled it with - well, let's just say poise and grace would not be the two words used to describe how I coped during those three months.  So it would have been safe to assume that I would do no better on the second go-around.

Which is why I'm as shocked as you are to hear myself tell you how much I am loving working on the third draft of the novel.  Maybe it's because I no longer need to stress about finding a job once I'm done.  Maybe it's because I know now that the novel isn't completely nauseatingly bad, at least according to a Dozen or so friends.  But mostly I think it's because I'm working on the third draft based on input from others.

From a completely solitary project, the novel has now evolved into a team effort.  Each and every reader who came back to me with comments is adding his or her imprint to the finished product.  And it's making it better, so much better than I would have done on my own.  There's a pretty deep moral to the story there, but I won't bore you with its unbearable cheesiness here.

I'll just say thanks, team.

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