Sep 15, 2010

New day, new life, new clothes

Today is a new day.  The sun is shining, Paris is beautiful, I'm so over that whole ex-boyfriend getting married thing.  And all it took was my magic keyboard and the mind-numbing pain of a 14km run.

Now, all I can think about is buying an entirely new wardrobe for my entirely new life.  That's right!  I made the decision - I will be moving to Switzerland in one month to start my job at... No, I won't tell you, suffice it to say it's pretty cool.

So I need some clothes that say "I'm an elegant Parisian chick, but I'm not above talking to you strange-sounding Swiss people" as well as "I'm your boss, and yet also effortlessly cool" - and of course "I'm indescribably sexy and still potential long-term relationship material."

This shopping trip is going to go down in history, my friends.


Elecompte said...

Should I suggest a great Canadian designer ?!?

stallie said...

Way to go!! I will warn the Swiss that you are about to take over their country! ;-)