Dec 20, 2010

Stranded in der Schweiz

Hmmm, time to update the blog, must find fascinating things to say, juicy morsels of Swiss-ness with which to entertain my friends who worry (rightly, I fear) that much like Alice I have disappeared down the rabbit hole... Must not let on that life is in fact about as exciting as an overcooked turnip and that, despite all the coolness associated with the job at CoolCo Sub, at the end of the day I live in Switzerland, and I don't know anybody, and it snows all the time and things are therefore toe-numbingly DULL.

But, let's work with what we've got and see how we go.

So, first off, I found an apartment.  I share it with the only person I know in the city, another ex-INSEADer, who travels all the time and whom I therefore never see.  Except for this past weekend, which was spent together building IKEA furniture in an intense flatmate bonding experience.

The apartment is perfect, large, bright, centrally located, and right next door to a brothel.  That's the Swiss for you.  You get slapped about if you don't tie up your cardboard for recycling on the right day, but there's nothing wrong with men lining the sidewalk to ogle half-naked women prancing about behind a window (and me, mostly clothed and prancing about in my living room - hence the urgent purchase of curtains).

So that's the living situation.  The work situation I'm starting to get a handle on, which is a good thing since I have two new recruits starting next month.  I figure, in this my first role as "the boss", it's best that I have some idea of what I'm doing before I start telling them what they're supposed to do.  I'm not quite there yet, and half hoping for a Christmas revelation.  Either that or some elaborate bluff à la Ocean's 11.

As for the social situation, well, folks, let's face it, it's rather dire.

So far, all of my extra-curricular activities have fallen under one of the following categories:

1) Work outings.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but there are ten of us at CoolCo Sub so at some point I will have to expand my social circle somewhat.  Besides, I can't shake the feeling that the nine others view me, "the Lawyer", with more than an ounce of suspicion.  It's a good thing I'm getting backup.

2) Time spent with the Boy.  As friends.  Because I'm a masochist.

3) Attempts at making friends at expat events.  Where I don't know anyone.  Where I drink too much (very expensive) wine to hide how nervous I am.  Where everyone is male.  And desperate for female company.  And just about ready to keel over as soon as I mention CoolCo.  And subsequently interested only in my breasts and the latest CoolCo media frenzy, not necessarily in that order, neither topic holding any kind of particular fascination for me.

So, not much of a social life really.  Which means I should at least be exercising but of course I've been too busy building flatpack bookshelves and drowning my frustrations in Swiss chocolate to actually join a gym.


Thank goodness for Christmas and the long drive home to Paris.

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stallie said...

Welcome, to the Granny Smith-club. It takes some time to get used to. That cool fruity piece of equipment does stuff you can't hear, you can't see and are not aware of. You are going to have a real good time out there in the Apple-world.
The beep-thingy? Have to check with a Big Mac owner because mine is the white Happy Meal version.
Nice pics!
Happy Holidays!!!