Jan 3, 2011


There are a lot of rules in Switzerland.  Rules about where you can park your car.  Rules about what kind of tires your parked car should be wearing.  Rules about where you can cross the road and when and under what circumstances.  Rules about what days you can take out your garbage.  And which type of garbage bag they should be in.  Rules about doing your washing (not on Sundays).  And lots of other rules that I haven't figured out yet and will therefore be fined heavily for in order to teach me a lesson.

So it makes sense that there should be rules in the trams as well.

Don't smoke.
Don't be poor.
Don't play the guitar.
Don't saw the seats.
Don't put your feet up.

Wait a sec, what was that last one?

Don't put your feet up.

No, not that one, the one before it.

Don't saw the seats.

Right.  Of course.  You certainly wouldn't want anyone to be doing that in the tram.  It would get messy.  And there would be less places to sit if half the seats were sawn off, now wouldn't there?

And don't be poor?  Well, that doesn't apply just to the tram, that's a general leitmotiv of life here in the land of cheese, chocolate, Rolexes and secret bank accounts.

Although strangely, if there was one thing you could actually afford on a budget in Switzerland, it would be public transportation....


Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

LOL. I was thinking as I read this, "I am not really a 'rules' person -- I think that would drive me bonkers!" and then admired your moxie in getting up and moving there. :)

I laughed the loudest at "Don't be poor" and realized the Land of Switzer pro'lly isn't for me.

It sure looks pretty, though.

N said...

Those are hilarious!
Talking 'bout crazy Swiss things: did you know that they have an army "on bikes"?