Oct 16, 2011

One year yodel

I was having a bad day today. Nothing serious. Just grey skies. The weight of an up-coming birthday. A friend's recent break-up making me feel both sorry for her and for myself (because I really am that selfish). And a one-season-old pair of Kate Spade suede boots having to go in the trash because of a nasty tear. All this on my one-year-in-Switzerland anniversary.

So I bought a couple books (for the small price of half a kidney) and that made me feel better. I would have also bought a couple pairs of shoes but I can't afford it and, besides, it's Sunday so all the shops are closed (except, thank god, the book store at the train station).

Happy Switzerversary to me.


stallie said...

But you seem to be back on the blog-front. I must say that I am so grateful to the bookstores that are open on Sundays. These have saved my life and this more then once.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Happy Switzerversary, Isa. A little belated, that is.

WOW. A year goes by so freakin' fast!

And Yay! for book stores. And good books! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Res,
I know this may be in your national DNA, but bloggers really shouldn't go on strike ya know! We miss your missives, magical illuminations into your colorful world. Do we need to inspire with the odd idea? - or perhaps you don't do requests.... Think Robin Williams - "Good Morning.... someone."
You have either taken over Cool-Co sub (ahead of time) or you have kissed a frog and he has turned into a prince....