Jun 4, 2007


Welcome, readers, to this humble blog, yet another clamoring for space in virtual la-la land but happy to be counted as a meager addition to INSEAD's J08 blog-world. After the unexpected success of my oz diaries, it is with pleasure that I once again put keyboard to screen to update and (hopefully) entertain friends and family with news and gossip from my life as an MBA student.

A few kinks to sort out before that life can begin, though. I finally got news of my admission four days ago, but I still don't know if I will be headed to Fontainebleau or Singapore in September. Not ideal, since as a R4 applicant, I'm already far behind my future classmates on obtaining loans, housing, a clue as to what is about to happen to me... I don't even have the sacred intra-net (NetVestibule) passcode yet. Feeling a bit miffed, excluded and slightly stressed, therefore; although honestly, even that can't put a damper on my good mood because, hey, I got in!!!


DTLF said...

Congratulations on the admit, and welcome to the Blogosphere.

NV can be a tad overwhelming when you first gain access - I imagine it being something like walking in to Valhalla and asking for an ale; you won't know what hit you - but everyone there is friendly and helpful, for the most part.

Feel free to contact me via the blog, or email if you have any questions.

necromonger+nospam@gmail.com said...

Welcome Res I(p)sa (tough!), hope you'll be another in the army of influential (!) class of 2008 INSEAD bloggers!