Jun 20, 2007

Reality hits back

London was incredible (it's funny how much fonder I've grown of the city since I don't actually have to live there); three days filled with vodka cocktails, mimosa brunches, a few too many cigarettes (oops), lots of tea and an unexpected visit to an antiques show, where I was given the in-depth history of the howdah created for the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace. Apparently a similar one was sold to an American woman last year, and she now uses it as a bed for her beloved pooch. I love that: the epitome of not taking oneself too seriously... Here's what doggie beds look like these days:

But it's back to the real world of pre-MBA life now. Pre-reading books arrived in the mail today; they are filled with bizarre mathematical equations with incomprehensible acronyms, and one of them doesn't even have any pictures. Groan. The new Harry Potter is coming out soon, though, maybe I'll read that instead (hey, you never know, quidditch could be an essential skill for INSEADers...)

Speaking of the real world, I overheard this from renowned intellect, David Hasselhoff, while zapping through the TV channels: "If our show (Baywatch) had moved there, it would have put Australia on the map."

Australians must be bummed that, because they said no to the red-suited babes, people think the big blob of land with kangaroos on it is actually New Zealand.

(and can I just say to DTLF who thought he/she was oh so clever: HA! I like my beers German, please)


DTLF said...

And one.

Well played, Res I(p)sa. I'm all for skipping the beers and going straight to the good stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I noticed that you deleted my post.
never mind, i thought that even if we are not from the same intake there would still be an 'esprit de camaraderie' Insead !



res i(p)sa said...

Dear DM, there is definitely an esprit de camaraderie and I am looking forward to meeting you in January. The reason I deleted your post is because you put my name in it. But congrats on figuring out who I was (and getting into INSEAD!) and see you soon.