Jun 6, 2009

All about (the new) me

OBT is a lot about the serious work stuff. How to structure. How to synthesize. How to problem solve. To be honest, that stuff is pretty boring.

But there's also a rather large "touchy-feely people stuff" component of the program. As far as I can tell, few people either enjoy it or get much out of it. As for me, it has led me to a rather startling epiphany, and possibly a complete reshuffling of my life.

I have always been pretty confident about what kind of person I am. I know what I'm good at, what I'm comfortable with, what I'm interested in - and what I'm not so good at. In fact, I was rated very highly on self-awareness in the feedback I've gotten this week (and there has been an obscene amount of feedback this week). Except the feedback then proceeded to tell me I was fabulous at all the things I thought I was terrible at and not all that great at the stuff I thought made me the wonderful person that I am today.


Little by little, this week, my entire being has been analysed, dissected, and broken down into tiny little pieces. Not the most pleasant experience. But the new picture others are throwing back at me makes so much more sense. Only one problem. This new (real) me should probably not be at BM. Or in a law firm. Or in any of the jobs I have always had within my field of vision. This new me probably needs to be doing something different entirely.

Double shit.

Cleary, I'm going to have to have a bit of a think about all this.

Perhaps I'll have a glass of wine first.

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