Jan 3, 2010

Are we there yet?

So this is it. 2010. The long-awaited one. Check that. The Long-Awaited One (there are just some things that deserve capitalization).

Doesn't really feel different yet. Even though my horoscope or numberscope or whatever that damn thing was at the back of my Elle magazine said that my entire life was going to change this year. Considering it's already changed quite a bit in the past few months, that sounds rather daunting, possibly ominous. But so far, not much to report.

It's still cold. I'm still living with the lovely people who conceived and raised me and still check whether I'm wearing a warm-enough sweater. And I'm still struggling with the book.

Although on that note, Stephen Fry (if he wasn't already capitalized, I would capitalize him) has brought me great comfort. In his latest blog post, he has announced that he is ceasing all communication with the outside world because he needs to get some writing done - apparently he's been having a bit of a tough time with this latest installment. Stephen Fry is having a tough time with the writing! Can you imagine how much better that makes me feel?! As Wentworth would say: heaps!

So, who cares that I appear to have stalled somewhere in the middle of Chapter 8. That I have spent the last three days seriously re-thinking a major element of my plot-line. That I may be meeting (informally) a literary agent in New York in less than two weeks and for the moment there's absolutely nothing that I would be happy to show her.

Who cares about any of that? Because Stephen Fry and I - well, we're bonding.

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Jill the Duchess said...

Hi Res,

I've been meaning to write to you! I'm going to send you an email to see how you're doing. Love the blog! So excited you're getting to go to NYC - don't you love it there?! I certainly do!

All my best!