Jan 11, 2010

Take Two

It's alright. We've had a slight hiccup. These things happen. When great things get started, sometimes there's a bit of a fumble at the beginning. Like at NASA, for example, they're doing that countdown and then they realize they've forgotten to check one little widget or turn one button-doodah and so they have to take a break and fix it before they can get to the really cool launching the rocket part. This is just like that.

I have bronchitis. And writer's block. But we shall not panic. These are leftovers from 2009, that's all. 2010 hasn't really started yet, obviously, since 2010 will be awesome and not contain anything like illness or blocage of any sort. At all.

It will, however, contain lots of travelling. Starting this week, with a trip to my beloved New York.

Updates will follow.

Now I have to go cough up a lung.

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The ANALyst said...

Hope you are feeling better.