May 29, 2009

Blogging undercover

I'm packing my survival gear, kissing my loved ones goodbye, and preparing to be parachuted behind enemy lines for BM's (in)famous Operation Brainwashing Training (OBT). And you, dear readers, will have front row, VIP access to it all, in the biggest, scariest undercover blogging operation of all time. Deep Throat, eat your heart out. Assuming I manage to find the energy to post during the only "free" hours (i.e. between 1am and 7am).

Before I leave you, though, I just wanted to share this extremely educational music video, courtesy of a particularly witty friend of mine:

1 comment:

N said...

ok, I'm starting to get scared that they really brainwashed you by now. Res, don't believe them. Believe me: blogging IS fun! Consultants ARE allowed to blog. Writing is NOT a crime! ;)