Apr 19, 2011

You're not here to make friends

You would think that people at CoolCo and CoolCoSub would be cool, right?  And I'm quite cool.  Okay, that's a lie, but I could probably qualify as cool-ish.  Strait-laced with a side of cool, if you will.

Which means, if the theory that likes attract likes is correct, that we should all be one happy family.

And yet.

The sad truth is....

I work in a place where everyone hates me.


Let's rewind for a sec.

Last summer, I was interviewed for a position which didn't yet exist.  To create a department that was brand spanking new.  To do things that had never been done before.  By anyone.  Anywhere.

So, I said, you want me to Make the Change Happen? No problemo, dear CoolCo, I'm your woman.  (No, I didn't actually say that, but you know what I mean).

And on that basis, I was hired.  An ex-litigator, NY-Bar-qualified, former BM-consultant, crazy chick.  You would have thought they would know what they were getting themselves into.  It's not like I lied about the merchandise.

But now, I'm seeing hands being thrown up in the air, angry faces all red and scrunched up, and people squeaking: "but Res, that's just not how we DO things!"

Res: "No kidding.  That's why you hired me, right?"

Angry CoolCo people: "But no, Res, you must do things the way we've always done things.  That is the CoolCo way.  That is what makes us cool."

Res: "Well, actually, it's not, but in any event I can't do things the way you've always done things because YOU'VE NEVER DONE WHAT I DO BEFORE...."

ACCP:"Ach, but Res, this is a big problem."

Speaking of problems, after all that I need to turn around and tell my direct reports that they can't take that vacation they were planning to take because I might need them around.  I was so upset about having to break the news that I had nightmares for days.  I even seriously considered letting them go off and frolic and just working non-stop myself.  My boss couldn't understand what my problem was - "you're in charge, you tell them what's what."

Yeah, sure.  But now everyone REALLY hates me.

Is it just women that care about these things?

Thank goodness I'm going home to Paris tomorrow, where everyone still loves me.  I hope.


Anonymous said...

here's a hug! xx mouah

Anonymous said...

Ahh the stuff they don't teach us in Leading People and Groups... You're being paid $xxx,xxx.xx precisely because you are expected to muster your powers of manipulation/persuasion/resourcefullness to: 1) Find a way to make the company do the right thing; 2)Convince your boss that everything is under control and that it's in the company's interests to let the staff go on vacation. Smile, nod, agree, and stroke your boss's ego as you steer them towards your agenda. Yes the company is psychotic and if they continue in their ways they will get into serious trouble... But that's why they hired you. If they simply allowed you to perform your work in a straightforward manner, it would be too easy. Hey if I hired someone with your credentials and paid them $xxx,xxx.xx, I would also throw a few obstables in their way just for fun to watch how they overcome the challenge.