Aug 27, 2009

It's time

The curtain will be coming down on Res' Summer of Fun in London in less than 48hrs. It's only been one little season (and to be honest, it wasn't even much of a "summer") but it feels somehow momentous. Like I should be standing back and taking stock.

Hmmm... Things still a bit blurry from over here, maybe I need to stand further back.

So here are the lessons I think I've learned:
  • When a very large sphere the approximate size and shape of the planet collapses onto your head, it is a good idea to let other people help you out.
  • If you're too stubborn to figure that out on your own, severe illness and the menace of impending death can help.
  • Re-prioritizing does not mean the last 10 years of your life have been a massive waste of time.
  • Not re-prioritizing means the next 10 years probably will be.
  • Friends are the bomb. Really.
  • Friends who stick around when even you can't stand the sight of yourself particularly so.
  • A Cadillac is not just a shiny, over-sized, gas-guzzling American car, but also an instrument of torture.
  • Said instrument of torture gives you really nice abs. Eventually.
  • Taking a chance on someone can be fun.
  • But never trust anyone with your clothes.
  • Making an effort to be healthy pays off.
  • But good food and good wine are allowed. And the odd margarita.
  • Jude Law is an excellent actor.
  • And yes, also hot. That does not make me shallow.
  • Worrying about what people think of you when you're dancing along to your ipod in the street will turn your hair grey.
  • Chances are they think you're cool.

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Tha ANALyst said...

Nice post ResIpsa. Feeling particularly philosophical?