Oct 31, 2010

The In Between Place

I'm going to tell you a secret.

I have a strange phobia.  Some people are scared of spiders, others are scared of heights.  Snakes, bees, being enclosed in small spaces, these are all pretty common fears.

But me, I'm scared of the in between places.  Those spaces between two rungs of a ladder.  The tiny holes between the bars of metro grids.  Anything, really, that requires me to step from one place, to another, with emptiness in the middle.  Doesn't make a difference if it's 100 meters off the ground or one centimeter.  Those fragments of nothingness bloody freak me out.

I'm in an in between place right now.  A big, gaping nothing between France and Switzerland.  I'm not home anymore, but I'm not here, either.  I'm somewhere in between.  Lost.  Neither foot is touching the ground, and if something doesn't stick soon, I may spin out of control into never never land where the lost satellites go.


Houston said...

To a woman with one foot shakily planted on either side of the Atlantic, stradling the abyss of that ocean that divides old world from new and home from a failed experiment (although it's not clear which is which), I understand. And I feel for you. And it's okay. Bon courage, ma petite Swiss Miss.

stallie said...

Look up where the nice Sprüngli place is and go there to get spoiled and take home some of their Luxemburgerli! And go for lunch or dinner to Hiltl! It will make you feel already a bit more at home. I will check with my sis about some more hidden gems! Keep up the spirit!