Oct 15, 2010

Next Chapter

This is it.

Bags are packed (almost).  Twingo ready to go (hopefully).  I even have a new work email address all set up (gasp).  It's time to go.

Paris and Parisians, this is goodbye for now.  Next time you hear from me, little Res will be a little Swiss Miss.



N said...

Wow - this is so exciting! I really admire your courage for jumping into this new adventure! A very big hug from Brussels xxx

stallie said...

Have fun!!! The Swiss Life will for sure have tons of inspiring stories for you in store! Get yourself spoiled with Sprüngli Sweets (mmmhhhh) once in a while! They have stores in most Swiss airports!!

Hugo said...

Best of lucks!

PS: ZRH-LIS has 4 daily flights! No reason for you not to stop by for a weekend.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Good-bye... Bisous... (to be continued in the next post comment...)