Oct 17, 2010

Swiss Post One

First impressions, stream-of-consciousness style.

My Twingo made it all the way in one piece and looks adorable parked between the Bentleys and Jags.  The travel stickers on the back are a particularly nice touch.  The man at the border was friendly when welcoming me into his country.  Switzerland is grey and wet and freezing cold this time of year.  But the forest behind the hotel is perfect to run in. Although my ears did almost fall off.  There is no bathrobe in my room, which defeats the entire purpose of hotel stays.  Food is good, though pricey.  I dare to dream that one day all hotels will provide free internet.  My new country of residence requires me to go through extensive administrative torture, all in the first week, and I have no idea when I will actually manage to go to the office.  Fitting an entire life's worth of belongings inside a single hotel bedroom (seriously, a single) is harder that solving world hunger.  Switzerland has this "glocal" website for expats which looks like it will do wonders for my social life (I hope).  My German skills have so far managed to get me through the day without intense embarrassment or imminent danger.  But I'm dying for some English TV channels (CSI in German is only half comprehensible).

Oh, and I got rejected by my first agent.  Although I suppose Switzerland is not to blame for that.

Never mind, at least now I have some serious aspiring novelist street cred.


N said...

Thinking of you Res!!! Just imagine how cool it will be when we all come to visit you , and you can show us around as a real local Swiss expat ;-) ! Hang in there!! Buy Nutella!

stallie said...

Once passed all the paperwork (they are notorious papermonsters!) and the boxes out of the way it will be so much more fun!!!
Bookwise: At least they took the time to let you know that you got rejected! ;-)

N said...

Res - I'm dying to read Swiss post Nr 2! Let us know how you're doing!

Hottie said...

Hello, my Swiss Miss. Oooh, a whole new sexy moniker for my beloved little Res. Sounds like you're off on an amazing adventure. I admire your frostbitten run - you GO girl. And good luck with the administrivia, Swiss-style. I can barely get my head around it Brit-style, and you've already lapped me in countries you've lived in at least three times. Ha - I've given you my own little stream-of-consciousness comment to your stream-of-consciousness post. All is right with the world. As for your first rejection letter - cherish it!! It may be the only one you ever see. (We can hope, right?) I agree with "N": buy some Nutella; settle in; observe the locals; and write about it!

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

... Hello! So glad to know you made it safely!

First impressions, back atcha:
-- sounds cold
-- another bureaucratic country, eh?
-- a single?! Are you freakin' kidding me? Poor girl!
-- hope the glocal website hooks you up! Uhhh, you know, socially. I guess if you want it to hook you up any other "ly" that's cool, too! ;-)
-- serious aspiring novelist street cred is good. It's ALL good!

And man, I am so glad for blogs. It's weird to think we won't be meeting up at the Rosa Bonheur again any time soon, nor at any WH Smith book signings, but I'm glad I can visit you here. :)

Take care, Res, and hope that the settling in process is quick and easy for you.

Carolyn said...

Good onya, matey (even though we haven't met in person, I feel somehow through KimB, Karin, and our common 3-letter corporate experience that we are at least somewhat kindred spirits ...) and all the best as you settle in to the new country, new job, new life!? I'm sure Paris will miss you.