Jan 7, 2012

Baby steps

You know how they say "old habits die hard"? Well, first of all, who actually said that? How do these so-called truisms come into being in the first place? Surely they can't all be the work of Benjamin Franklin? Has Bill Bryson not written a book about this yet?

Anyways, I digress. Old habits die hard. So say some people. I say, that's hogwash. (Speaking of hogwash, that is totally making my top-ten-favourite-words-of-all-time list.)

Old habits die like every plant I've ever owned. Instantaneously. And are even harder to resuscitate. Picking up an old habit is just like riding a bike. Ever gotten back on a bike after years off the saddle? It's uncomfortable. It's wobbly. And after five minutes in on-coming traffic you're going to wish you'd stuck to the subway.

Same thing goes for running. Eating vegetables. Doing sit-ups every morning. Sitting down face-to-face (finger-to-key?) with your keyboard and trying to blog about something. It may have been something you used to do without thinking, but come back to it after a long, lonely Siberian winter and it's going to feel like you never typed an interesting sentence in your life.

This week I spent my tram rides to and from work desperately trying to think of something to blog about. There had to be something. Anything. I can't fold after one week into the new year. Come on! Think! You know how to do this!

But it turns out I can't remember. So I will have to learn all over again. The same way I will have to re-learn how to be patient, how to show kindness, how to laugh when things go wrong, how to have a little faith.

Please bear with me. I'll do better next time.

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