Jan 12, 2012

Bull's eye

Targeted advertising. It's all the rage now. But have you ever stopped and really looked at what ads are specifically aimed at you? And have you ever considered what that might mean about who you are as a person?

Of course you haven't. Because you probably have better things to do in your life, and I'm sure you have a nice, healthy self-esteem that doesn't rely on advertisers to define who you are.

But I have. Obviously.

The ads on facebook for me today are all in German and exhort me to a) buy new warm clothes for the winter; b) book a vacation to Thailand; and c) get some Botox.

So, according to the Big All-Knowing Brother of Targeted Advertising who watches my every move, I am freezing my buttocks in Switzerland (true), desperately in need of some r&r (true) and getting old (ummm, I guess that's true as well).

That sums it up pretty perfectly.

But, dear advertisers, you won't catch me that easily. I've just gone and layered on a nice anti-aging face mask, plugged in the electric hot water bottle and flicked open my guide to Bali.

So there.

1 comment:

N said...

I always get the same 3 things : ads for clothes, ads for cupcakes (busted...), and ads for baby stuff. Couldn't be more accurate!