May 9, 2009

Post 101

Welcome, folks, to my 101st post on this incarnation of my blog. Through the past 100 snippets of my life, you've followed me from pre-INSEAD jitters, to school drama, to back-to-the-real-world jolts. And if after all that you're still reading, thank you.

Following a trend I'm sure you've come to expect, this has been another particularly hell-ish week, in more ways than I could even begin to explain (and not all of them have to do with the fact that my client managed to shatter my ego in one fell swoop). So, my tail between my legs, I ran home to mom and dad last night to get coddled. What a relief it was to actually be able to feel and express everything that had been going through my head, without censorship and without needing to hold back the tears. Of course, it was none too pleasant for my parents, but then it's always the people you love the most that you hurt the most, isn't it.

Then this evening, it was back to the facade. I went out for dinner and drinks with about 10 of my INSEAD "friends", and somehow managed to laugh and joke my way through it as if everything was as close to perfect as it could be. The entire evening was such a masquerade I felt I was having an out-of-body experience, watching myself act in complete contrast to the whimpering, teary mess that hovered beneath the surface.

I'm not sure anyone fell for it. If they did, I may have discovered my future career path.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be upset over work! You are so smart and talented. One of the most creative and intelligent J08ers. There's always going to be bumps on the road... think of how much you've learned and improved over the past 5 years! Your skill set and professional abilities are light years ahead of where they were when you started your career. Recognize that you are in the top 1% in terms of education, work experience, intelligence, and opportunity. Who was that loser boss to upset you? You're so much better than him. He might have more experience dealing with his narrow area of expertise, but you're going to pass him in a few years. Hang in there!

res i(p)sa said...

I don't know who you are, anonymous, but thank you for the moral support!