May 24, 2009

Get me some Vitamin D

It's funny how even when you're sure you're all better, and that certain things / people have been filed in the red "Will Definitely Never Make Me Cry Again" folder at the back of the cabinet, a certain friend, a kind gesture, a "remember that time..." can suddenly send everything spiralling as you clutch the side of the table thinking "here come the waterworks again."

Not that I didn't appreciate the flowers, or seeing the Boy's and my mutual friend.

But afterwards I needed a pick-me-up, so I bravely strapped on the bikini-top (if you saw how pale I am, you'd understand the need for serious courage), threw some chick-lit, an Ikea blanket and a bottle of green ice tea in a bag and headed off to the park. Along with several thousand of my fellow Parisians.

And it might even have worked, too.

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