May 23, 2009

The Future Mr Ipsa

A couple evenings ago, over a plate of over-cooked spaghetti, my aunt anounced that I absolutely must be fixed up with a young(-ish), dapper multi-millionaire who invented a rather well-known website devoted to shopping.

Right. This idea is not half-bad (I'm already salivating at the thought of all those shoes I could afford...) But there are a few holes in my aunt's great master plan.

First, she's never actually met Mr Millions, but has only spotted him across the green of the 18th hole at the golf club. Second, she has no idea if said dreamboat is actually single. Never mind checking up on other minor details such as sanity, a sense of humour that doesn't boil down to thinking Jackass is funny, good personal hygiene and the absence of any ex-girlfriends' skeletons in the closet.

In sum: good strategy, but leaving a little to be desired on the execution.

Sometimes I wonder if BM, and firms like it, don't suffer from the same problem. We're certainly very clever (we have the per diem to prove it). But it's rather easy to swoop in, be clever, and bugger off again before anyone's had a chance to test your ideas, isn't it?

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