Apr 6, 2010

Chin Up

Elementary rules for good living:

1. No being grumpy at Easter (especially with this much chocolate).
2. No being grumpy when it's sunny and you're in the south of France and tanning by the pool.
3. No being grumpy when you're with your bestest girlfriend this side of Houston.
4. No being grumpy when you've somehow (indecently) managed to quit your job and spend time doing the one thing you've wanted to do since you were three apples tall.

So I'm not grumpy.

I am struggling with the writing. Except that's alright, because Alina is struggling too (the poor thing has a massive hangover and is stuck in a most uncomfortable love quadrangle). Cue evil laugh.


catick said...


U r way too smart and u r thinking way too much.

I think this Alina story thingy needs little bit less drama and bit more comic relief.


Jill the Duchess said...


You are making unbelievable progress! You should be really, really proud of yourself and just keep working as it comes. I think it's great to write every day but some days, you're just not inspired! And that's totally okay. You're allowed to enjoy your friends, your chocolate easter eggs (yum!), your beautiful environment and the south of France! Who knows where a day of living life will lead to a great turn-of-events in Alina's life and experience within your book.

You're great - never doubt it!

Happy Easter!!

Houston Hottie said...

I really, really like Jill the Duchess. Couldn't have said it better myself. I completely agree! Love yourself and Miss Alina and the other supporting characters will come...they always do. :) And, I hear sun is "scheduled" for tomorrow!!!