Apr 5, 2010


This is the view from where I'm sitting right now.

Pastel blue sky. Dark green fronds of palm tree. Sunlit pink and orange houses nestled on a hillside. Red socked feet (mine).


And yet, all is not perfect in the world of Res.

I took four days off from the writing in order to entertain a close group of very good friends over Easter weekend. Tapenade, rosé, and a rather surreal game of charades all meant to refresh my mind and set me up to attack the next chapter (we're up to Chapter 16 now, if you've been following).

And nothing.



Why does it have to be this hard this often? Maybe this is a sign that I should abandon the ludicrous novel-writing idea, grow up and get a real job?

In other news - well, nothing really funny is happening, so I can't entertain you with that. And as for the purely personal stuff, that's purely personal. But let me just say it's also not helping with the writing! Should I stop having a personal life so I can focus on the writing? Or would my writing be better if my personal life was better?!

So many questions, so little energy to answer them.

Thank the blue heavens for HH (x2) and Supermom...

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HH on Seine said...

You did write a scene with or without a trapeze involved. That's progress.