Apr 23, 2010

Dilectio Lex

Couldn't resist sharing this.

You missed it (sadly), but it turns out that April 13th was National Be Kind to Lawyers Day.


Among ways to celebrate the event, the website suggests taking your favourite lawyer out to lunch (or breakfast, although if you're doing that, you've probably been very nice to your favourite lawyer already), watching a courtroom drama, or peppering your conversation with "you're out of order!" or "strike that."

Since I only found out about this now, I would like to proclaim tomorrow, Saturday April 24, International Be Kind to Ex Lawyers and Ex Consultants Who Write Day. If you know anyone who fits that profile, be extra nice to them tomorrow. For example, you might send flowers, kidnap and donate an editor, sign yourself up as a blog "follower", or ship the lovely ex-ex-now a lifetime supply of Christian Louboutin shoes. Or tell her she's not fat.

It's up to you. Let your creativity run wild.

1 comment:

TorpeDiscipulo said...

You're definitely my favorite ex-lawyer, ex-consultant who writes.
And you're definitely not fat!