Apr 8, 2010

The Girls Blog It Forward

There's a new gang of female avengers in town.

Think Danny Wallace's Join Me.
Think Haley Joel Osment (acually, don't think about him too much, that kid kind of freaks me out.)
Think Ghandi, but in kitten-heeled Jimmy Choos.

Curious? Here's the deal. Thanks to Jill (aka The Duchess), female bloggers everywhere will soon be organized into a Worldwide Band of Sisters, performing "senseless" acts of kindness for strangers and then blogging about it. Which will be nice not only for all those strangers out there, but also for all you lovely people who get to read about how that little old lady in the Starbucks line wacked us over the head with her pocketbook because she thought we were trying to poison her with a venti chai latte.

It'll be a blast!

Want to know more? Interested in joining? Get the full icecreamalicious scoop on Jill's blog: THE DUCHESS GUIDE - Pay it Forward


the Duchess said...

You are beyond FABULOUS!! I hope everyone joins us, so excited!

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

This sounds very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, and maybe joining in on the fun. :)

redsaid said...

I'm SO in!!!!

Elizabeth Rangel said...

Can't wait until we surprise them with kindness.