Apr 27, 2010

On My Last Leg(s)

As we speak, I'm moments away from finishing chapter 22 (right now it's failing to give me a nice, logical "ending point." Ah well.) Do you know what this means?

Probably not. So let me tell you.

It means the end is not far off. Although I didn't plot the book precisely (remember, Stephen King said not to), my best guess is that there will be 27-ish chapters in total. Five more. Five more little chapters. That's about another 10 to 15,000 words above the 50,000 I have already.

After that comes the rewrite. The polish. The hasty filling in of gaps where the story makes no sense (it makes perfect sense in my head, of course). The tweeking of certain characters to make them more (or less) likeable. The removal of unnecessary adjectives.

And that's it. It will finally be done. I will have written a novel. All by myself.

Holy shit.

What will I do then?!


Anonymous said...

Next? Well...

Get rejected 20 times, prompting a series of heartrending (but still amusing) blog posts.

Get published on your 21st attempt, to a rapturous reception from both the critics and the public.

Spend the rest of your life phoning anyone who ever doubted you and gloating extravagantly.

... or something like that :)

TorpeDiscipulo said...

Write another one?

Carolyn said...

Just found you from the wonderful Kim at Sassiland -- congratulations on being soooo close to completion and I look forward to exploring your blog.

Cheers from Sydney (and sometimes Paris)
My Sydney Paris Life

Res I(p)sa said...

Loving all your ideas (especially the gloating bit, I like gloating).
And hi to Carolyn from Sydney (I love Sydney!)

rgc said...

Because I am at the beginning of my novel, do you advice a full time job and writing?
Because I write on vacations and holidays. Do you need need to be idle to write?

Congrats on nearing completion!!

Res I(p)sa said...

rgc, I don't think there's really a right way or a wrong way - it's a question of personality, of dedication, and of financial ressources
I personally don't think I could have written the novel while still working (especially working as a consultant or lawyer) but I have a good friend who has done just that.
You really need to figure out how you work and create best - and what you can afford.