Apr 17, 2010

Writing blue

It's time.

Time to leave this magical place and drive back to Paris tomorrow. Which may not be a bad thing as the magic seems to have deserted me. I got to the middle of Chapter 20 when the major crisis of confidence hit. That was three days ago. And since then, not a word. I don't even want to look at it anymore. It's only my supremely rational mind (or what's left of it) that keeps me from hitting the delete button.

So back north I go, towards the Icelandic ash, with a gorgeous tan and a still very much unfinished attempt at a novel.

I want my six months back.


N said...

Res, listen to Rowling.

paris (im)perfect said...

Great suggestion, N. That's a great speech.

Res I(p)sa said...

Thanks N, I agree, that is a good speach.

But she failed at other stuff and succeeded brilliantly at what she really wanted to do.

For me, it's the opposite. I was pretty good at the lawyer stuff, but am failing on an epic scale at what I really want.

But you're right, I shouldn't give up. Maybe just take a break and hope I have it in me to do an awesome rewrite.